Electric Blinds


At Cardiff & Vale blinds, we have a bespoke selection of electric curtain tracks, electric blinds and electric awnings to offer our clientele. Each product is tailor made and measured to fit perfectly .With our clients in mind, we offer elegant, affordable, efficient and practical electrical curtain tracks, electrical blinds and electrically operated awnings. Installation of all of our electrical products is discreet, with our technicians finding the simplest and most effective way of fitting your chosen product in your home. At Cardiff & Vale blinds we care about your home.

At Cardiff & Vale blinds we recognise that customers may like a choice of operating systems and can proudly offer a choice of having our roller blinds, vertical blinds, venetian blinds and our curtain tracks fitted with battery operation or mains operated, with the battery being fully rechargeable. Our electric curtain tracks, electric blinds and our electric awnings are designed with ease of use in mind, making them a perfect addition to any home.

We offer awnings and sky roof light blinds powered by the homes main power source.


All of our awnings and curtain tracks work off radio transmitted signal and come supplied with a handheld remote control, allowing them to be operated from any area of your home. Multiple blinds including vertical, roller and venetian blinds can be operated from one hand set, preventing the need for multiple handsets. Using the latest technology provided by Somfy ensures satisfaction is guaranteed and provides surety that your product is going to last.

You may be seeking to change the look of your home , updating, creating a new image, bored of the existing style or just replacing a worn out blind, whatever your reason, we at Cardiff & Vale blinds will help you make a choice that is right for you.

The blind styles we offer in the electric range are: Venetian blinds, Roller blinds, Vertical blinds or Sky roof light blinds. Operating on a smooth and sleek operating system, using Somfy technology, you can be confident that you’re buying a product designed to last. The Venetian blind is becoming an ever increasingly popular choice in many a home across the Cardiff and Vale area. Should this be your choice of blind to explore or purchase then we can happily supply and fit this product in your home.

The Venetian style blind comes in a choice of Real Wood/Faux Wood/Aluminium and can be offered to our clientele in arrange of colours.

Our roller blinds and vertical blinds are manufactured in a choice of the highest quality fabric. The roller blinds, vertical blinds and sky roof light blinds from our range come in variety of colours, patterns and prints to suits individual tastes or to keep in fitting with the existing décor. Whether you want a vibrant change or something subtle, we are confident that we will have something to suit your requirements. All of the electric blinds have a cordless safety feature as a standard safety measure.

Whilst perusing our electrical product section, take a look at our electric curtain tracks, designed to keep your curtains falling in the perfect pleat, whilst opening or closing. You won’t have to worry about finger marks or the curtain coming off the track, having been pulled to harshly. Just let the remote do the hard work for you. A simple push of the button and the task you require is done.

At Cardiff & Vale blinds we proudly offer a range of different awning types to suit a variety of different requirements .Whether you’re jazzing up your business premises or looking to create additional out door space, we have an awning that is tailor made to suit your needs.

Patio awnings help create the perfect additional space for outdoor living. Whether that is wining and dining alfresco, enjoying quality time in your garden with family and friends or spending private alone time. Our high quality fabric awnings provide fully retractable shelter, which will help shield you from harmful sun rays, protecting you and your guests from UV rays or harsh rain showers. All of our awnings come complete with a built in motor, which is operated by a hand held remote control or wall mounted switch. There is no need to use manually wound devices to open or retract the custom made awning. The motors used in our product and the remote controls are supplied using Somfy technology. By using a radio transmitted signal, the remote control can operate the awnings from any point in the house. To date Somfy is the leading and most up to date technology provided on the market and supplied by Cardiff & Vale blinds.

Looking for inspiration? Over whelmed by our choice? Ask our knowledgeable customer representative and they will happily help you make your choice should you need guidance or recommendations when placing your electric blind or awning order. Peruse our catalogues at your leisure and ask us questions, we are here to help.

By choosing one of our electrical products you are choosing a product of excellence.