Product Description

An awning is a sheet of canvas or other material stretched over a frame and used to keep the sun or rain off domestic or commercial properties.

Cardiff & Vale Blinds are proud to include Awnings as part of our extensive portfolio of products. It is a secondary covering, overhanging the exterior wall of a building. Whatever the layout of your home, your garden or your commercial property, this product can provide a stylish and practical addition. It is the simple solution to our transient weather, and can be used to provide instant protection from the sun, or rapid cover from unexpected rain. We at Cardiff & Vale blinds pride ourselves on providing the highest quality product at affordable prices and this appliance is no exception.

The appliance is designed with your choice of fabric pulled tightly over a metal frame. The wonderful advantage of an Awning is that we, at Cardiff & Vale Blinds, can offer a retractable feature to them, so that you as the customer are in control of its functionality. It can be rolled away subtly and inconspicuously if necessary, but If changing weather threatens, it can be quickly extended to provide instant shelter from the elements.

Awnings are perfect for placement above windows, doors or sidewalks alongside a home or a business. In addition to its practical purpose of providing weather protection, it can be used for aesthetic purposes also. Particularly for commercial use, it is possible to paint the material with the company name or logo, to draw a customer’s attention. This product is also suitable for a home, and can be produced in any fabric colour and design of your choice to provide a personalised finishing touch to your property.

Product Features

Sizes Available: Ordered to fit

Material: Wood, Plastic, Metal

Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a soft cloth

Pack Size: One awning with fixtures

Price from: £895

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Outside awning installed at the back of family home
Welsh bar using awning to create outside space for customers