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Product Description

Home automation systems like Somfy Connexoon allow you control your motorised blinds from your phone with an easy to use app.

Cardiff & Vale Blinds are excited to offer a product that will peak the technological interests of our customers. This state of the art system allows you, as the customer, to control your blinds remotely at the simple touch of a button. Home automation systems, otherwise known as Smart Blinds, are the cutting edge in providing your home or business with the ultimate comfort, convenience, security and modernisation.

The premise of Home Automation is to allow you to control certain aspects of your home remotely either from within your home, or anywhere else in the world from an application on your phone. This means that if you take a trip but realise that you haven’t closed your blinds, you may do so from anywhere. Conversely if you are at work and feel your house plant requires a little extra sunshine, you can accommodate this with ease. The beauty of this system is that it can be personalised to you, as the customer, in several different ways to make your life simpler and more convenient.

Home Automation is designed to ensure that even the most Tech-phobic among us can effortlessly grasp the concept. It can be controlled via your mobile-phone or tablet through an easy-to-use app. When connected to your home network, it can either be controlled manually or be set to a timer so that it doesn’t have to be revisited daily. In a constantly evolving technological society, home automation is an easy and affordable way to ensure your property is fitted with a little piece of the future.

Product Features

Sizes Available: Ordered to fit

Material: Varied range

Care Instructions: Service occasionally

Pack Size: Motorised fixtures

Price from: £300

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Open and close your motorised blinds from your phone with home automation systems