Pleated Blinds

Product Description

Pleated blinds are shades made from a pleated fabric that use  a single cord to pull up and sit flat at the top of a window to hide from sight.

If you are looking for a window covering that comes with its own unique style, then Pleated Blinds could be the perfect addition to any space in your home. This blind is a popular choice to compliment windows in rooms where you want to add that extra little bit of wow-factor, and apart from looking chic they also have many practical features to compliment any room.

Cardiff & Vale Blinds are excited to offer Pleated Blinds in a range of shapes and sizes which can all be completely made to measure to help ensure that this free hanging blind will not only fit your window perfectly, but also help create that relaxing or exciting environment in your home. If you are lacking in window space then these shades are a great choice as they are able to fold up to be completely minimal and obstruction free, and when lowered to halfway down your window they act as the perfect filter for the sunlight. Protecting your furniture and stopping nature’s intruders from entering your home.

This type of shade design can often be confused with Honeycomb Shades, which operates and looks similar, but in fact utilises a double-wall construction that forms the tubular ‘cell’ appearance along the width of the shade. Pleated Blinds however, are made with just one layer of fabric. It is this small difference in construction that makes this type of shade not hold the same insulating qualities as other shades, but this is also reflected in the final price tag. One redeeming design feature of Pleated Blinds is the obvious appearance of the individual slats that make up the construction of this dressing when half or fully closed. This gives a vertical stripped pattern that runs down the shade, which when complimented with the right interior style can really enhance the overall ambiance of the room

Our Pleated Blinds tend to be less expensive than other window treatments we offer our customers, which makes them ideal if you are working within a tight budget. For the price you also get plenty of opportunities to customise this shade with a wide array of fabrics, operational control devices and shapes like Twin Shades, Duette, Classic Pleat and Café Blinds to name a few. This blind can bring softness or texture to your window in a way a hard surface equivalent could not.

Product Features

Sizes Available: Ordered to fit

Material: Wood, Plastic, Metal

Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a soft cloth

Pack Size: Pleated blind with fixtures

Price from: £40

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Pleated shades using honeycomb style to complete this modern look
Old fashioned room using pleated blinds to allow partial light to enter