Roman Blinds

Product Description

Roman blinds are made up of single shades that can come in different materials. They stack up evenly when opened.

Roman Blinds can offer your windows an elegant style with a timeless look that has been updated into the modern living space with its vibrant range of colours and materials. They are among the most popular window treatments as they incredibly adaptable and can fit in with any decorating theme that you are going for, whether it is for home, or for your business in South Wales. Roman Blinds offer an affordable option for those that want to get a lot of bang from their buck.

The Roman Blind has been a covering that’s been effectively used for centuries, even before windows were made out of glass. A flat single piece of fabric was used over a wall opening to offer privacy and darkness from the sun. As centuries passed and windows started to modernise so did the Roman Blind, it adopted the use of a vertical operating cord that allows the blind to be raised or lowered when required. A mechanism that is still common among these types of blinds today.

This blind operates in the same way a pulley system does, it is made up from one flat piece of fabric with lining attached at the back of the fabric to form a sealed pocket, imagine an envelope. Pull cords are attached to the blind so that when the blind is raised up the fabrics stack on top of each other creating those neat horizontal folds, and when lowered the fabric becomes entirely flat again covering the window. The folds, or pleats are created by wood, metal or plastic rods, known as dowels that are placed between slim insertions in the fabric, that all move as one when the blind is raised or lowered by the

One of the biggest advantages to choosing this type of window dressing to dress your interior space, has to be the wide and varied choice of fabrics and colours that can be used in virtually any room in your home. Roman Blinds are masters at offering both sophistication and elegance at the same time and are most commonly seen covering the windows of living rooms, dining rooms, master bedrooms, guest rooms, children’s rooms  conservatories and office spaces. In many cases they offer a more complete finish than roller, vertical or Venetian blinds and when coupled with insulating or blackout linings they can be as practical as they are stylish.

Product Features

Sizes Available: Ordered to fit

Material: Any Curtain Fabric

Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a soft cloth

Pack Size: Roman blind with fixtures

Price from: £60

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Traditional Roman blind raised up to create folded window covering
Modern bedroom using Roman Blinds for stylish effect