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Vertical Blinds Cardiff

Vertical blinds are made up of singular louvres or slats that clip to a sliding track at the top, and stabilised by weights and chains at the bottom.

Vertical Blinds offer real value for money when compared to dressing your large window with curtains. You will not only find a drastic difference in price, but also in the amount of bespoke, fully customised design choices you have available to suit any environment in your home or office. They provide easy ventilation for any room and offer a greater degree of control over the light you let in when compared to other blinds.

A vertical blind is made up of a varying amount of single louvres or slats that connect on to a sliding track at the top of the blind frame. The louvres or slats are fastened together by weights and controlled by stabilising chains at the bottom of the blind. Each individual piece of the blind hangs vertically, hence the given name, Vertical Blinds. The entire blind is operated by a chain (also known as a wand) and an intendent cord. This use of the wand mechanism is to control the tilt and turn of the slats, while the freestanding cord control opens and closes the blind as it moves as one. Vertical blinds are a fantastic choice for any home as they come in a great range of fabrics, colours and patterns to suit fit any interior style or design.

This blind is perfect for covering very wide window spaces because each blind is made up of single louvres. This means there is virtually no limitation on how wide they can be made, unlike some other blind types that will only ever be able to fit a certain window width. Another massive benefit of this bind is that it’s not restricted to just lying flush against your window, Vertical Blinds are a great option for curved and square bay windows, The louvres of this blind can be cut to individually match the height of any space they need to fill, making this blind a perfect choice for filling challenging spaces like split drop and sloping windows.

There are a host of advantages when choosing a Vertical Blind for your window. Not only will you have the option of choosing a wide range of special finishes and fabric types that come as standard with this covering. Whether you need this blind for your Kitchen, Bathroom or Bedroom you will be impressed and excited with the endless design choices on offer.

Product Features

Sizes Available: Ordered to fit

Material: Wood, Plastic, Metal

Care Instructions: Wipe clean with a soft cloth

Pack Size: Vertical blind with fixtures

Price from: £40

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Vertical blinds allowing only partial light into stylish living room
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